Zee Soccer Podcast

Soul Food & SWAT Training

February 08, 2022 Julian Gressel & Fabian Herbers Season 2 Episode 2
Zee Soccer Podcast
Soul Food & SWAT Training
Show Notes

“Alright alright.” The sweet sound of another episode of ZSP. While Jules & DC are doing the ultimate physical and mental toughness training, Fabi got caught by the coaches ordering McDonald’s on his off day. Big transfer rumors are a big topic including Shaqiri and Tevez. Most importantly though: The NWSL got their first ever CBA ratified. Hear what Whashtington Spirit player Andi Sullivan has to say to this historic moment for the women. Lastly, don’t miss Fabi’s rant against his own club Dortmund as they lost 5:2 at home vs Leverkusen.

  • Uber Eats Order - 4:43
  • SWAT Training - 8:33
  • Transfer Rumors - 16:05
  • NWSL CBA Intro - 25:15
  •  Andi Sullivan - 26:16
  • NWSL CBA Discussion - 29:42
  • Bundesliga Chat - 35:28